An encouraging story I'd like to share

I just played the nicest game I've had in a while, and I'd like to share it with you all to maybe brighten your day a little. Basically, to set the scene, I had just found out that I was denied a scholarship that was worth over 50% of my tuition. I was quite upset about this, and not knowing what else to do, I queue'd up. I wasn't expecting to play very well or be on my best behavior due to my situation, so I made sure it was a normal game to let some steam off. My mood only worsened when the enemy team picked Jax, Fizz, and Soraka with their first three picks, three of my most hated champions. I strongly considered dodging, and when I was in loading screen I strongly considered disconnecting and hope for a remake. But I stuck with it, hoping to at least distract myself. When the game started, I told my teammates that I was in a shit mood, and instead of the typical "ok" or "don't feed or i'll report", I instead got encouraging words from every single teammate. This proceeded to last the entire game. I didn't play particularly great, but after every missed play or blown ult, they'd always say "it's okay, we'll get them next time". Long story short, the enemy team forfeited, and I left the game feeling much better. Just wanted to share this to show that there's still good in the community and it meant so much to me. Have a blessed day {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
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