so called zero tolerance for hate speech seems to be a fallacy

a few days ago, i played a norm game and got matched with a 4 man group. i declared intent for shaco because i had a desire to learn him, and one of the players in that group banned him, and told me "you arnt playing shaco (N word)", and after confronting him about his choice of words he spammed the word repeatedly, and told me he wouldnt get in trouble for it and had done this already. seeing as how he was a pre-30 account, he had probably been banned before and was testing how he could get around the system. I had a feeling that the automated system doesn't pay attention to pregame messages, and the player was banking on me dodging so i couldnt report, so i suffered through the game, carried his ass with Evelyn, and made sure to screenshot what happened pre-game... and link it in the report comments. he played several games in the last few days so.... is anyone even reviewing reports? how do you expect people to believe anything you say about your automated system being effective and dealing with trash like this promptly when things like this happen?
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