HOW TO: Unbind your enter key to prevent inadvertent toxicity

# These steps are no longer necessary - the ability to disable ally chat is now a part of the client. **An explanation** for how you can disable your own ability to chat to completely remove the possibility of yelling at your Wood 5 team and winding up {{item:3133}}'ed after a bad game. If you can't hit enter, you can't send chat.The game client lets you rebind most of your keys, but critically, enter isn't one of them. This means we have to use something else if we want to change what enter does. ---- # Instructions _(Last updated 2018/06/08)_ ## Windows NOTE: CURRENTLY NOT WORKING 100% (10/2018). You must currently relaunch autohotkey after the game has loaded to have it capture the enter key properly. Looking at alternative options now. 1) Install [AutoHotKey]( 2) Copy the text in the box below: >\#ifwinactive League of Legends (TM) Client > >*Enter::return > >*NumpadEnter::return 3) Open notepad, hit paste 4) Save the file somewhere you can easily access, and name it *unbindEnterLoL.ahk* 5) Load the file with AutoHotKey. Note: if you find that this isn't working correctly, you may need to run AutoHotKey as administrator ## Mac 1) Install [HammerSpoon]( 2) When it starts for the first time, you'll be prompted to grant it accessibility access. Ensure you do this, or it won't work. 3) Copy the text in the box below: >enterUnbind ={}, 'return', function () > end >) >'League of Legends (TM) Client') > :subscribe(hs.window.filter.windowFocused, function() enterUnbind:enable() end) > :subscribe(hs.window.filter.windowUnfocused, function() enterUnbind:disable() end) 4) In Hammerspoon's menu, select "open config" 5) Paste the text you just copied into the text editor that appears 6) Save the file. 7) In Hammerspoon, click on "Reload config" Note: if this is not working, you need to run the game in windowed, or fullscreen borderless mode. If the game is set to fullscreen, the keybind will not activate properly. As an alternative, you can use this text, which will disable enter as long as Hammerspoon is running. You will need to close it outright after exiting the game or enter still won't work! >enterUnbind ={}, 'return', function() end):enable() ---- Now, if the League client is active, Enter does nothing, and you will be unable to send outgoing messages. This will have no impact on the rest of your computer. Once you feel that you've cooled off, just turn off AutoHotKey/Hammerspoon, and Enter will work as normal. Hope this helps! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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