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Help me up with something please. I created an account in NA and I got chat restricted for 25 days for saying stuff i usually say in EU. Stuff like " stop feeding" or " stop trolling" etc. I will not talk about how fair that was or not. But i would like to talk about player attitude. In my recent games I have seen very bad players in gold elo and i mean really bad. So i have been telling them what to do in game and they consider this harassment. So every game I m getting blackmailed with reports. People saying to me " don't tell me what to do, you are harassing me i am going to report you". So i have some questions: 1) is there something wrong with you? 2) why won't you take any criticism and use it to get better? I am not trying to offend you I am trying to help you. 3) Don't i have any freedom to write in NA chat? Is there a list of thinks we can say so we will not get chat restricted? 4) Why is telling others what to do more ban-able than feeding and trolling. Is not this a toxic behavior towards me when you are denying me to have fun? I would appreciate any help here thanks. PS: maybe is the cultural difference, i don't really know.

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