I was wrongfully permabanned. Can It be reversed?

Hi everybody! I've been playing this game for over 7 years now. Never in the time that I have had my account have I been punished in any way shape or form. No suspensions. No chat restrictions. No bans of any sort. Yesterday I woke up to an e-mail saying my account was permabanned for "unauthorized use of a 3rd party program" which really confuses me because I've never cheated in League nor have I even attempted to download scripting programs. I've used the Discord overlay, but that doesn't affect the game in any way. When I try to log in I get a message saying "This account has been permanently banned due to the use of inappropriate 3rd party software (known as "scripting"). This kind of behavior causes severe damage to our community and League's competitive integrity, so this action will not be reversed." I have sunk thousands of hours and over $1200 into this game. To have it all end like this would be more upsetting than I could imagine. Has anyone had this happen before? I've submitted tickets, but I still do not know if Riot is going to be able to reverse my ban (see "so this action will not be reversed"). Anything you can tell me to give me hope is much appreciated. UPDATE: I know this came literally right after my initial post, but I checked my op.gg to see my match history, and I have 5 games played on my account that I never played. Turns out my account was compromised I guess. UPDATE 2: We're back in it boys. Riot gave me my account back. Shoutout to Vylxeras for telling me to check my match history!
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