Trolls and heavy feeders

So I've been documenting and recording my games during this past week. I've compiled that in my games alone 34.5% of games have a heavy feeder or hard troll on my team losing games no matter what other lanes are doing. 17.9% are won from opposing teams having trolls or heavy feeders. Watching games you'll see players whose macro play clearly show they should not be in that game with the other players and it's rather frustrating. Literally half of my games the past two days I've sustained losses from individual players who want to win or lose the game. They will wreck their lane or get wrecked absolutely no inbetween costing the other 9 players and swift win or a loss in essence endlessly wasting peoples times. Has riot yet to address this problem? Matchmaking is still heavily broken yet I don't see any updates on it. I'm a highly competitive player and a veteran so I have a great amount of patience but it seems as if the competitive seen has gone dry and your time will be spent on solo players to absolutely troll the everlasting shit out of them. New games and new players get benefits of the doubt. When you're constantly matchmade with them and can't climb from snowballing from hell I've found it best to just completely troll them and to get them off the game and possibly quit. The toxic community is due to pisspoor matchmaking from the wonderful programmers of riot but it won't get fixed because it'll hit that bottom dollar. Would anyone from riot care to explain how the system works so those of us who are constantly wasting our times can figure out what in the hell is going on in those indoctrinated minds? Spent way too much money on this game in my earlier days and in my current profession I don't waste investments and have made an investment into this game. I think it's all but justified that if players are going to waste your time, it's best to have fun with them since they refuse to take any advice or are clearly outmatched which would be a matchmaking issue that again needs to be addressed. I shall continue to have fun with non team players since the feel good report button is absolutely doing nothing as an automated system. For those of you who will hit the downbutton because every player who has a complaint about riot is always in the wrong go to and watch some games. It's rather amusing. I'll continue to record and save chat logs for those who are interested in seeing just exactly what is happening and nothing is being done about it.
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