@riot enough is enough

This is beyond unacceptable. I am placed into games with intentional feeders, trolls, and leavers every single day that I play League of Legends. Every day, your players have to put up with their time on your product being wasted because you refuse to clean up this community. I have been tolerant for the longest time, I send post-game reports, I abstain from sending tickets, but this is getting absolutely pathetic. You say your system works but it clearly doesn't. I write down the names of those people who openly ruin the gaming experience of me and others. I send my report and patiently wait. SURELY! with the clear evidence presented they should be banned from playing this game. But day after day I search the match history of these accounts and they continue playing without punishment. Day after day I encounter more and more of these players, trolling, feeding, and LAUGHING at your system because they know it **DOES NOT WORK**. Nobody takes the report system seriously, nobody thinks they will be punished for abusing it. I am a patient person. But I do not understand how your company can not be absolutely insulted that people will **OPENLY, WITH INTENT AND CLEAR, SELF-ADMITTED EVIDENCE, ABUSE AND THEN LAUGH AT THE REPORT SYSTEM**. How is "unlucky, we all get them", a universally accepted response to these types of matches? How are you not disgusted that the response of your community to these unfair, unenjoyable games is "oh well, its statistics, happens to everyone". Your performance is at the lowest of lows. These abusers do not expect they will be punished, they do not presume they will be punished. They do not even consider that they _may_ be punished. They are **ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT**, that they will not be punished, and so they openly present evidence and **LAUGH **in the face of warning. Something seriously needs to be done about the state of this community.
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