Why I a level 11 player hate your game.

Your punishment of those who are agitators and aggressors is lacking while I went into this game as an Ex-Smite Support main who was often positive and happy has now turned bitter and annoyed. If someone is being mean to my team, the people I have to spend the next 40 minutes playing with and I dare to defend them I get punished......If someone is being mean to me and I tell them off without swearing I assure you I get punished.....If someone is spamming "Kill Yourself" in chat I will get them the next game with twice the levels of hate speech and general annoyances. Tl:DR Im trying to be positive but people constantly personally attacking me, attacking my team, and going after people I care about is making it difficult when I've yet to see those who do such things punished........I dont curse. I dont swear. I dont use hate speech nor imply it yet ive gotten 2 chat restrictions in the past 2 days where people who do such things are constantly in my games.... Please address this behavioral problem with your community riot or else you will continue to lose new customers who fall victim to this kind of neglect and hate.
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