Un-ban Nubrac, Punish/Ban NB3, and discipline the Riot employee that did this Riot.

Nubrac plays support. NB3 Flames Nubrac. Nubrac gets banned from a Riot friend of NB3. 1. Show me in the Rules where the "Support" MUST go bot lane? There is no such rule. If there was such a rule then you (RIOT) must BAN every single "support" that DARES to leave bot lane even for a second! "Support" is a ROLE, where the player SUPPORTS their team. I went back and watch alot of his streams and videos and he SUPPORTS no matter WHERE he is. Hes not Griefing, hes not trolling, he is SUPPORTING his team. 2. Time to start ACTUALLY punish streamers that are TOXIC. They are not just toxic on stream, they PHYSICALLY type things in and constantly call team mates "trash" "r%%%%%ed" "mental" ect. ect. ect, they will go AFK if they do not get their way, and they will grief/troll/throw games INTENTIONALLY if some one upsets them. Which is against ToS, TIME to start dong something RIOT! 3. Its time TOXIC streamers get punished to make way for actual respectable players, Riste (https://www.twitch.tv/riste) is a good example of who you (Riot) should be getting behind and supporting. His behavior in game whether it be win/lose or if he has trolling/griefing teammates is always positive and respectful.
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