It feels like people don't even WANT to win anymore.

People are giving up so absurdly easy these days that it honestly feels like they don't even want to win, like I can't understand why they're even playing the game. At this point I'm not sure I want to play anymore games with any random players ever again because of this complete lack of motivation at the slightest disadvantage. If this keeps up I might actually become toxic to all these people who are giving up all the time. I don't want to be, but the frustration from having teammates sit in fountains and give up totally winnable games is starting to get to me to the point that I really can't think of words to describe it. I wish people played like they did several seasons ago. It felt like there were a lot more "never give up, never surrender" people around, and teams actually made comebacks because they didn't ff. Yes, I know it's super snowbally these days, but down here in gold, comebacks are incredibly likely with the number of mistakes people make. Edit: I'm not saying to never surrender, just that I preferred that mentality over the current one. I'll certainly ff in a clearly lost game, but many teammates want to ff in games that are close to even these days.
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