Creating a Friendly Environment Between Players "Honorable Queue"

I feel as if I have been receiving increasingly more toxicity from the League of Legends community. It has become a terrible experience as a season 1 player to continue to receive this toxic behavior from players. I appreciate the steps Riot has and is taking to punish players conduct, but lets be real. We know we need to implement something new, or should I say, something more strict. Now with this statement I know a lot of negative thoughts can develop. Riot is a large company and need to make money, and if we punish players too severely they wont come back. Riot would lose revenue. I have a solution. This is where I believe you need to rethink your system for league of legends Honor and Competitive play. My recommendation is to create what I call the "Honorable Queue" in which players who choose to enter are held to a higher standard then current League of Legends. This would be a strictly positive atmosphere only. People who choose to play in the Honor Queue would be volunteering themselves to be held to a higher standard. Players who do not volunteer to join the Queue are not forced to be held to a standard that is not agreed upon with all of the community. Negative behaviors would be punished with bans from the Honorable Queue. You could really lay into strong punishment while still allowing players to play your game even after receiving bans from the Honorable Queue. This system can be enforced by player reports in the Honorable Queue. As a player, I'm tired of not being able to relax and play a calm friendly game of League without get flamed or worse all game. It's really is OLD. The Tribunal really was a great system back in the day, but I understand the issues it developed and why Riot removed it. Riot's current system really is not working any better in my opinion. I do feel like I have the first hand game time experience to state this claim. The solution is found by not punishing toxic players, but by rewarding the players who promote a positive environment with a Queue they won't have to worry about toxic behaviors in. As a player, I don't want to be rewarded with merchandise. I want my time playing the game to be the reward. I play this game to have fun, and playing a friendly game is a rare treat. This is a big project. To give an idea towards making it possible (lets say a possible first step) would be to make this honorable Queue what ranked is today. All Riot would need to do is up the enforcement for toxic behavior to stronger bans from the Ranked play. I know for a fact that this would be a positive influence for the community who is there to enjoy a competitive friendly game of League of Legends. I hope you did not take my conversation as a bash towards Riot as a company in any way. I am just a passionate player who desires to see an environment full of positive players willing to work together and have fun. Keep up the good work!
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