Game 1 Archangel71: adc? Archangel71: zoe im mid Archangel71: go away Archangel71: i said i was mid first Archangel71: go other lane Archangel71: like this i go afk Archangel71: your call Archangel71: i said mid first Archangel71: ok bye Archangel71: your 4 Archangel71: gl Archangel71: i stay watching Archangel71: thank zoe for it Archangel71: soon shes dead Archangel71: fak u Archangel71: why? Archangel71: why report me arseholle u died Archangel71: ur a faking retard why didnt u recall arseholle Archangel71: will take all your farm now bitchh Archangel71: where is zoe that bitch Archangel71: lol vayne ur useles Archangel71: im not supp im mid Archangel71: zoe was your supp retard Archangel71: i said mid cretin Archangel71: bastard Archangel71: i will let u die Archangel71: and take your frm Archangel71: i report u for feeding bitchh Archangel71: u bitch 0/3 Archangel71: cannot kill a sona u bitchh Archangel71: ur the adc Archangel71: and u left Archangel71: fak u toxic bitchh Archangel71: np Archangel71: 1/5 vayne good adc Archangel71: gold i guess Archangel71: oh cut d creppe Archangel71: seriously vayne Archangel71: u cannot even talk Archangel71: enjoy bitchh Archangel71: die again vayne? Archangel71: best adc ever i have just been chat penalized which I accept and understand. What I don't and see also lack of comprehension and maturity from your end is just getting me penalized without asking for the other version of the story. It was true I was MID FIRST during champ selection. Did you have the decency to check. Guess not. Cause if so you would have understood why my reaction. I had to go bot with a champ I selected for mid. Vayne expected support which I could never give. But yes sure you know all. Cheers I will enjoy my chat free games. I simply expected better. I don't know why but I thought you would see all the story. A person doesn't turn toxic for nothing. There is always a reason. You are failing to see this and penalizing the perpetrator instead of the instigators. Zoe was the one who started all. What about her afk? not to mention anything. But yes get me penalized. No problem. Thanks for your FAIR judgment!!!!!!!
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