Permabanned for being flamed myself ...

Sorry Riot but there is no way i'm letting my account get permabanned for this reason.. i did not even flame in my game and i got banned because of premade reports and i'm tired of this, there is no point of making a new account or playing this game again if the system stays like this .. please read the chat and see why i got banned : Game 1 Skyrish: ty Skyrish: no Skyrish: 2 late Skyrish: dont leave cuz ur losing Skyrish: because you are losing vs shen? Skyrish: just stay under turret Skyrish: mad Skyrish: cuz ur bad? Skyrish: blabla Skyrish: wow mad Skyrish: salty Skyrish: Report pantheon flaming:D Skyrish: saying he is salty isnt flaming Skyrish: :D Skyrish: why shen why Skyrish: :D Skyrish: minion op Skyrish: can i 1 v 1 please Skyrish: brah Skyrish: everytime i try a champ this happens :( Skyrish: i have no idea why you went him Skyrish: ofcourse i have no dmg lol Skyrish: oh you're one of them Skyrish: diamond = high gdmg Skyrish: diamond = always wins Skyrish: this is why you are silver thres Skyrish: hahaha Skyrish: ain't playing with this team Skyrish: flaming me cuz i'm diamond and lost lane :D Skyrish: When did i flame? Skyrish: you know that Riot checks chat right? Skyrish: 10 year old detected Skyrish: you're the one writing in caps XD Skyrish: premades Skyrish: all muted Skyrish: lol Skyrish: OP pantheon plays Skyrish: and he says i troll Skyrish: haha This is my explanation before you just judge on what 1 side of the story was said .. our toplaner was afk and said he doesn't want to play, then he said he can't play cuz of his ping after he fed shen 3 kills, so i said don't leave cuz ur losing, it was obviously he just wants 2 leave the game, wasn't about his ping .. the he flamed me and i asked if he's mad? he flamed again i said salty and reported for flaming .. then my team flamed me for not having dmg, i said ofc i have no dmg because i have no items and i lost lane hard, then they (the premades with pantheon) flamed me because i said report his friend, they flamed me for being diamond and lost my lane .. i said ye because diamond means high dmg and always wins a game, then i said this is why you are silver thresh because he thinks that every diamond has 2 win and have dmg .. then they said they will report me for trolling ( i was trying ekko for the first time and i lost lane ), i said muted and then pantheon trolled and went in 1 v 5 then i said and he says that i troll .. how is this me flaming ????? i got flamed by 3 premades for losing my lane in a NORMAL DRAFT GAME !! .. not even a ranked game, if ranked i would understand it they got mad cuz i'm the reason they lost the game, but permabanned for being flamed myself in a normal game because i'm diamond and i lost with silvers in my team ? pleas Riot .. i'm not letting my 1.6k$ account go for this .. It is really annoying to be Diamond and play a normal game to have fun, and you get those silver people that flame you and say '' omg diamond player no dmg boosted noob ", "omg diamond with that farm? boosted noob", "omg diamond lost lane boosted noob". ....... i didn't even flame back, i answered back with sense and this is my reward, a perma bann by a 3 premade report .... i wrote a ticket to Riot asking them to give me a permanent chatban if they want, but a permaban for a normal game for being flamed is 2 much .. their answer was no perma ban is perma ban and make a new account ... no point of continuing this game .. be aware guys, if you get flamed ingame you will get banned, new rule I'm out. Peace.
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