Bruh literally the most toxic thing i said was "DONT EVEN COME NEAR FUCKING MID AGAIN" like seriously im done with getting banned for not even being toxic Game 1 CODxxCITY: a CODxxCITY: rfas CODxxCITY: ase tg CODxxCITY: vi CODxxCITY: wtf are you doing CODxxCITY: LITERALLY CODxxCITY: DONT EVEN COME CODxxCITY: NEAR FUCKING MID AGAIN CODxxCITY: DONT EVEN CODxxCITY: COME CODxxCITY: NEAR ME OR MY LANE AGAIN CODxxCITY: got me killed CODxxCITY: set me behind CODxxCITY: and died CODxxCITY: fucking stop CODxxCITY: YOU MEANT TO TAKE IT CODxxCITY: AND YOU FED DIANA CODxxCITY: DONT COME NEAR ME OR MY SON AGAIN CODxxCITY: i literally told you CODxxCITY: dont come near mid CODxxCITY: and you feed diana CODxxCITY: WHO IS LITERALLY MY WORST MATCHUP CODxxCITY: I PINGED YOU OFF 20 TIMES CODxxCITY: AND YOU DIDNT LISTEN CODxxCITY: gg CODxxCITY: no you didnt CODxxCITY: oh yea CODxxCITY: btw wasnt flame CODxxCITY: just told you not to come mid CODxxCITY: lets make that clear CODxxCITY: just saying for the chat logs CODxxCITY: wow CODxxCITY: good thing that takes skill right diana CODxxCITY: and then theres ap burst mages CODxxCITY: what thank me for the fed diana? CODxxCITY: dude CODxxCITY: you qd CODxxCITY: my wave CODxxCITY: thats toxic CODxxCITY: no u CODxxCITY: dude CODxxCITY: you guys are flaming for no reason CODxxCITY: i dont understand CODxxCITY: TOXIC BEHAVIOUR CODxxCITY: look im not CODxxCITY: you guys are just calling me an asshole CODxxCITY: and i havent done anything CODxxCITY: im not tho CODxxCITY: mute me or my pings CODxxCITY: 9th CODxxCITY: okay sophomore CODxxCITY: xd CODxxCITY: now this is getting into the racist side please dont comment on my race please CODxxCITY: please stop flaming me or ima mute CODxxCITY: dude the friendly bm memes is fun but this isnt CODxxCITY: like have you not heard of the dont talk to me or my son ever again meme? CODxxCITY: im not im fat as fuck actually CODxxCITY: gg wp CODxxCITY: 1 report is the same as 9
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