Player BOTs in COOP games

So I've being noticing a new trend in coop games, players are using BOTs. They are fairly easy to spot, they go mid walk until they hit something, when below 80% health they return half way to the nexus before porting back the rest of the way. They die several times, don't use all their skills and if someone else pushes the lane and they die in the enemy base they type "WTF" to not appear as BOTs... They never type anything else, they never buy more then a couple items and at least one was someone dual boxing. I asked a 0-7-0 Zed if he wanted to switch lane with my Brand and another player said that yes, Zed will change lanes, then Zed did the same thing in the bot lane. Is this allowed or considered "okay" in coop games, or should I start reporting?
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