This game is bad for my health. I've had near breakdowns over it

I have played League since Season 3 and I can't begin to express how much I regret ever playing this game. It has done so much emotional and mental damage to me and the stress of it is a constant struggle between trying to enjoy a well made game that has unfortunately significant portions of toxic players and a company that doesn't care. Part of this I blame Riot for never, ever, taking measures to truly end the struggles we suffer dealing with players who ruin the game, and the broken, absurd punishment system Riot put into place. I think I've become addicted to this game as I play it once or twice a day or every other day, and there isn't a week I go without playing league once. I start feeling bad if I haven't played in awhile, perhaps because the game feeds your endorphins or whatever chemical in your brain gives you the satisfaction of playing it. Riot claims they censor speech if it's negative, but it truly makes little difference at all, and sometimes it makes it alot worse. Riot will allow you to afk many many times maybe forever in games and never truly get banned with only a few exceptions, but will ban players who flame you. Sounds good? It's not. Those players, even the ones who say the worst things, racist and homophobic things, players who tell you to kill yourself, they will be banned, but Riot will allow them to make another account and they will return like nothing happened. I believe Riot doesn't care about anyone being toxic. They only care about money. And they know when they ban players they will just make a new account often times, and spend all that money on things they purchased before and the cycle continues. They lie about their statistics on number of players being banned. There are solutions but they will never or have never tried them. Either find a way to permanently ban people, by IP or MAC address or something, or don't ban anyone at all for any reason, except maybe DDosing or cheating. I have heard that on Koreans servers, they almost never ban anyone, and that you have to use your photo ID just to register to play the game. this would mean no one has a second account. This brings alot more reason for accountability and better behavior. They also could instead permanently ban people from using chat, and have options to disable chat permanently. People could still use pings to communicate. or they could add voice chat for all players, the only reason I think they haven't is because they can't monitor it. This is something that fits if they were to end censorship. Those are the possible solutions, end censorship or start doing actual PERMANENT bans on these people who ruin games. People that have ruined games for me and try to ruin games is probably 1 out of 5 games, every time. It has caused me many days and nights of emotional distress. And it's almost as though my brain is addicted to the game, perhaps it's the money making portion of the game. I feel like I need therapy as I have massive depression and panic attacks over these incidents, with these terrible people. And I admit I have many times AFK'd games because of toxic people, and not been punished for it. That is a terrible solution. They won't punish or rarely punish afk but seem to punish verbal more. I was once banned for saying "my team... so heavy". That as all I said and got 2 week banned. On a team where I had a 0/18 gankplank at the 15 minute mark and a mid laner who just kept running into tower over and over at 0/11. Who then said they would report me for saying they were heavy. It was clearly inting. Im punished for stating a fact? I've reported so many people who said far worse things and i never once got a notification they were dealt with. Meanwhile people call me the N Word and much more and then they intentionally feed and there is no punishment for it. I have never seen anyone get banned for inting except when it's on stream. Riot, you do not care about us. If you did you would do one of the following: Ip or MAC address bans on toxic players, or Required Photo ID for account creation and only allow 1 account, or Add chat bans or disabled chat permanently to the options or enforce them on toxic players, removing their ability to chat at all, or end all censorship and let people say whatever they want, at least then it's fair game on these terrible people. But as for me, hopefully this is goodbye. This company and this game have been nothing but trouble for me, and I don't blame the developers, I blame the people who write the TOS, the support team and marketers. You've done nothing but bathe in corruption, greed, hypocrisy, and neglect.
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