SO I just had a game where a player did something troll-like. Teammate was in a bush recalling with low health, and the troll player was being chased by 2 of the enemy team. This player went out of their way to run towards the bush that recalling teammate was in and I'm pretty sure you know what happened next. I said "Thanks -champ name-" They laughed about it, obviously, and it was kinda funny. I simply responded "Yep." Well they went OFF - they started out saying "**AND DON'T ASSUME I'M A MAN EITHER BITCH**" That carried off into calling me a "**STUPID HETERO MALE**" among other colorful things... and then proceeded to troll and afk farm in lanes instead of pushing objectives. She said that because she's a female, her trolling doesn't mean anything (or something along those lines). I never once assumed or called the player a male. I'm also female, which makes it interesting that she was so adamant that I not assume she was a male, when she assumed I was the same.. and hetero at that (like it matters). **Are the things this person said considered (hilariously) sexist? **
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