Unintended consequences of the player behavior system

I get it. negative players are annoying. but. I feel that riot may be indirectly making certain aspects of the toxicity problem worse. I've gone ahead and made a list of some of the problems that have arisen as a result of the player behavior system, and why they are a problem * **The "/mute all mentality"** More and more i see people on the boards recommending that people /mute all at the start of the game and not type. rather then actually try to communicate, while technically not against the rules. this can feed into negativity by demoralizing people who actually try and communicate. and the growing fear of the chat box imo in some ways is worse then "toxic" chat. This also goes further into my 2nd point. * **League moderation has a reputation** "You can troll all you want. as long as you stay out of chat" This is the vibe riot is sending, whether they mean to or not. you're more likely to be banned for calling someone _bad_ or _noob_ "in most games. mods would just laugh at people who report for this." then someone who intentionally throws games. which has led to an even more sinister form of griefing. * **Bait trolling** This is a very common behavior, where trolls will engage in passive aggressive, but undetectable behavior in the hopes of getting someone to retaliate in chat. and unless they flat out admit to doing it like this guy. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/O2BPoejO-a-fed-up-trolls-manifesto nothing will happen to them. meanwhile. some poor sap who gets sick of it and tells them "fuck you" may very well lose an end of season border or worse. their account due to these types of trolls * **Myths and conspiracy theories** as a combined result of Riot's lack of communication, people trolling, and lack of trust. several player behavior myths have popped up, some of which are hard if not impossible to 100% to disprove, or you have to go digging through months of old posts to find a quote from tantram saying something isnt the case. some of which include * "Riot only cares about chat and not trolls, because this is what parents notice" * "the tribunal still exists" * "the more reports someone gets in a game. the more likely they will get banned" * "when riot permabans you. they're really trying to get you to make a new acount and spend more money, even if they say otherwise" this last one. while probably untrue. is further exasperated by my last point * **Smurfing** Riot currently allows everyone INCLUDING permabanned players to make new accounts. with zero attempt to contain them other then naturally running through the ban system. and the longer a troll remains in the game. the harder it is to ban them, as they gain further knowledge of how to push people's buttons while avoiding detection. even with people like tyler1 who have ID level bans. it's really just a ban from streaming. not from actually playing the game. if tyler1 plays off stream. he will never get banned. * **"Soft" Prisoners island** Riot claims to be adamantly against "prisoners island" yet it already exists in pre 30 games. and low mmr. i honestly think smurf accounts "both regular smurfs and toxic players on throwaway accounts" outnumber the actual new players and people who actually belong there.
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