Please tell me if my ban was justified.

Dear Riot, Yesterday I was playing a normal game with my friend, and I'm going to describe what happened. In the beginning, Diana was asking about how to lane against Pyke, and I joked "just feed", because it is a normal game. I am sorry if that joke was not appropriate. Then as the game goes on, Diana player "<removed by moderation>" and Yasuo player "<removed by moderation>" are dying alot, which are fine, it is a normal game and I am just having fun. Then Diana, started to call me "fucking trash jungle", and I said "toxic, reported" which is aiming to stop her from flaming me. I said "you're going to get reported", then she said "you too, me and my friend are going to report you". I responded by "why?", she said "because you're trash" (I can't remember the exact conversation, please look at the chat log). At this point, my goal was to report her and move on from this game. I was still playing my best, and Diana was still flaming me. Then, she called me a "fat white **** kid", and I said "who?" (Please look at the chat log). Then at the end of the game, me and my friend reported her and she and her friend reported me. I got banned and forced out of my queue for the next game, while she was still playing. Dear Riot, I ask you to please reconsider this case. I had a 10 game and a 25 game chat restriction before, I admit I were wrong in both those cases. But this case, I do not believe I was being toxic or flaming at all, while Diana used toxic curse words, name calling, and racists terms. But I got a 14 day suspension and she gets to keep playing? Thank you, I believe the wonderful people at Riot will give me justice.
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