The league of legends code of conduct/ report system is a fragile ego coddling failure

Your entire report/code of conduct system is a failure if not an utter joke of a system. You have the audacity to ban me based on language while presenting evidence consisting of a game where somebody not only admitted to intentional feeding but also containing much intended as well as uncalled for instigation and counter toxicity. You ignorantly use a system that pulls text from a match on a personal level singling out an individual involved in an argument. Not only is this biased ( I figure it is automated as well) but it is illogical beyond comprehension. Not only have I dedicated hundreds of hours and dollars in your game but I have also brought many friends to the playing field. Yet still you continue to ban such players due to a faulty "modern" idea that my individual rights to express my opinion end where somebody else's feelings begin. Not only is this absolutely illogical and unconstitutional at base, but it is also a cancerous way of thinking that should not be spread by your administration. You have taken the time to implement a mute button as well as chat filter. While you explain that these are last resorts, this explanation is both mundane and ignorant. Which is the simpler option; continuing to chat mute and ban a player, or let the community use the tools at their disposal (which you implemented under the logic that they would be used; a logic that is undermined when you render them useless). You are coddling a community of players that take advantage of your failed system to push a population with different morals and standards out of your game. I find this not only disgusting but completely unprofessional when considering the scale of your game. I would also like to point out that your community moderators are neither emotionally intelligent enough nor able an any way to speak for a community of people as they have tried to do in previous tickets I have submitted. If your staff is unable to take the perspective of more than one social group then I feel that they do not have the mental capacity to handle such matters as banning an account worth such money ( Nor do I think anybody in your company as a whole has any idea what should be done to promote healthy social growth within a community of such scale).
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