Riot please fix your ban system, Will NEVER play again till something is done.

I just received a 14 day ban for being "toxic", looking through the chat the worst thing I said was "Shut the F**** up and play the game" and " if you shut the F*** up and play we can win" Why I was banned in reality was for playing off meta champs, If you play off meta you will be banned mostly likely because they system looks for ANYTHING it can ban you on after so many reports. People will blame you for the loss thus reporting you triggering the bots who I guess are banning for everything? UMM FINE!! If thats hows its going to be why not add an option to disable chat, make it so it can only be enabled or disabled out of game. If curse words are that big of a deal to Riot why not give people the option to disable everything and move on from there, mute all does not fix when the support you have runs it down because you pick Veigar APC. We understand actions in game mean nothing because its hard to identify a troll after the fact, so give people more options to not freak out and say something they will regret. If I had the ability to disable chat, even my own, I would because I know there is a chance that I get a troll or tilted player, or toxic player, who might push the right buttons and get me to say a four letter word. If anyone does not believe and wishes to see the chat logs i will be glad to share, Peace.
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