Do people in normals ever get punished for verbal abuse?

Title. I play exclusively normals, because I'm not a fan of the stress ranked adds. It feels like the game has gone from decent fun to a shitfest of toxicity, no matter who's winning or losing. I report people for it when it's egregious - my last match had someone in it who spent the whole time calling us trash, dogshit, garbage, along with the usual laundry list of expletives. I have never seen any indication that these people are punished. Is the answer to mute pings, emotes, team chat, and play that way? Or do we just laugh at the rules and start calling each other the rudest names we can think of? I'm about one more bad teammate away from giving this game up, because this is supposed to be fun... but I've had more awful teammates in the last few months than good ones, and it's getting harder to resist the urge to just make everyone else as miserable as I've been.
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