League of legends is a trash game now

Can't believe I am writing this, but I just wanted people out there to know. With this type of community and this type of shit developer support, it is no doubt too late for me to realize that league of legends has become a trash game. Earlier today, I was banned in chat for asking for help jungling. The whole team watched while the other jungler took all my camps and continued to camp me. Needless to say, according to everyone on that team, I was to blame for the loss of that game. Also just to top it off, I was banned from typing in chat because I was apparently had unsportsmanlike behavior. I am forever finished with this piece of shit they call game and their toxic community. For those of you that keeps going even after you read this, good luck with the rest of your life being a miserable individual, because this game has not been fun since Tencent.
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