2nd perma ban lol cuck

You know I would be mad but I kinda don't give a fuck. League of legends has been going downhill for awhile. Its sort of like a drug that keeps getting more risks. Its addicting, but its shit. I dont know, I just don't seem to really care about the game anymore. And season 8 is looking even worse. My fist acc was b5 and I was toxic as hell. This account I was mildly annoying, but not very toxic. I ran down top lane one time because in lobby he called me a %%%got and banned yasuo. Then I got camped by the jungler. My chat logs consisted of mainly "Im not inting im just getting camped" etc. I never used hate speech or insulte/spammed. I just merely said stuff like " stfu ur annoying " or "Muted." "ur toxic" etc. The top laner that I ran it downt in said that I was toxic and inting. Ya know I got banned for toxic yet I ran down top lane once. Not sure how thats toxic but whatever. I honeslty am getting sick of this game and my 3rd account hopefully wont get banned. Gl to people playing this shit game, and lets all pray that rioto fixes their shitty, boring, annoying, addicting game. Also I have no idea why I am posting this, and itll prob get taken down but whatever.
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