I don't like the Instant Feedback System. Here's why.

The IFS system has yet to give me ANY chat restriction, or any ban lasting 2 weeks or shorter. Since inception two years ago, I've been punished twice by it. Both of these punishments had 2 games in the report log. The first game of each report log surprised me. It seemed very innocuous. The IFS flagged the game for something like, "Report Cait" while I was playing Cait. (Confirmed by Rioter Economics) Now, the second game for both punishments I fully understand -why- I was punished, however the gravity of both seemed excessively heavy-handed. In the second game of the first punishment, (And I'm explaining this because I'm hoping not to be demonized by the comment section) I had been auto-filled into jungle, flamed for no reason, on the day my ex broke up with me. I was emotional, admitting, and became verbally abusive of the few people that were attacking me. Yes, I'm aware that we're not allowed to argue back with players, and that's why I am completely fine with being punished for the first one. Despite that, I do not agree with the length of punishment (Permanent). This was a year ago, I no longer have the Ban logs, but what could I have possibly said to justify a permanent ban after having never received a punishment before? Moving on, second account, I hate playing new players during the grind to 30. I feel like I'm ruining their game, so I play my best in hopes that the smurf detection system will put me with higher level players quickly. This is why I'm against time-based bans, chat restrictions actually require you to cope with your punishment. A year later, I received a 15-day ban. I've not been punished at all on that account, just went straight to 15-day. This was about a month ago. I don't have the logs. The first of the two games that got me banned again seemed innocuous, A little passive-aggressive but nothing par the course. The second game, I was very gung-ho. I was carrying very hard from support and was super excited to be climbing through platinum as quickly as I was at a career high. Our Top-Teemo desided that he wasn't getting enough help from our jungler and starts to intentionally feed, make snide comments, harass the rest of us when we make a mistake, and eventually afk. Now, I hadn't said anything to him par the usual, "Chill man, just play. It's fine we got this" After he AFK'd the enemy team said, "Sorry about your teemo" To which I responded something to the tune of, "We don't need some toxic f****t to win this game ;3" Immediatly after this game, with no prior punishment on this account I received a 15-day ban, lost eligibility for ranked rewards, had to suffer the humiliation of explaining to my friends why I cannot play with them, and will be constantly reminded of this for the next year. If you're bronze or silver, you will have never experienced this, but when you're Plat 2, like I am, everyone has gold/plat borders, and when someone doesn't everyone already thinks this player is toxic. My first impression on all my teammates for the next year is going to be "To toxic for ranked rewards" Anyway, punishing bad behavior is fine, it's Riot's game, they can do whatever they want, however skipping over 5 punishment tiers over some ill-conceived, arbitrary notion of what constitutes extreme behavior, not telling anyone what constitutes said behavior, then expected them to be fine when they're suddenly subjugated to severe punishments for off-hand, innocuous remarks, in my opinion, is stupid.
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