Need advice because I just got banned for 14 days.

Hello Community, let me explain the situation. I was playing a One for All game last night with my friends. The party consisted of 4 of my friends and one random. Anyways, during the game, I was not able to communicate with my friends through Discord, so I was typing in response to what they were saying. The things I said consisted of joking around with my friends and speaking oddly in all chat just once or twice. By oddly, I mean I was jokingly trash talking the other team (can be seen in the chat logs below). So as soon as the game ended, we queued up for another game. However, right when the match was going to go through, I received a notification that I will be banned for 14 days because of "abusive, player-reported comms". Chat logs: Game 1 Chilay: dan is a loser Chilay: :( Chilay: . Chilay: daniel, max your w Chilay: brb Chilay: going support Chilay: you think im kidding den >:( Chilay: gank Chilay: lol Chilay: eyy Chilay: bait Chilay: B) Chilay: kys Chilay: hurry Chilay: b4 bot Chilay: lmao Chilay: not on my watch Chilay: B) Chilay: jab top Chilay: all part of plan Chilay: o Chilay: you're so cool Chilay: me go bot Chilay: actually Chilay: me go mid Chilay: nvm Chilay: me go bot Chilay: live on child Chilay: you guys a bunch of puss **(all chat)** Chilay: tryna get kissed rn?? **(all chat)** Chilay: meet me behind the bleachers %%%got **(all chat)** Chilay: lol Chilay: wait Chilay: they actually have a support Chilay: llol Chilay: if we were playing ivern... Chilay: >:( Chilay: ggez **(all chat)** Chilay: 1 sjpt **(tried saying 1 shot)** Chilay: 1 So after this whole ordeal, I was obviously angry. I thought I was unfairly banned. However, now that I think about it, I think this was necessary. Prior to this game, I've had a small history of being toxic. I've flamed teammates and harassed them with terrible language (at the same time, I've been a good teammate, but that's beside the point). I've also had a history of leaving games, however, it was mostly due to laptop issues. There were only one or two games that I deliberately left due to rage. Anyways, that's my current situation and I post this on the forums because I have a few questions that I would appreciate an answer to. 1. Do you think I should've been banned this severely? (This is my first ban) 2. Could this ban been a result of multiple incidents or just this specific one? 3. I enjoy trash talking and joking around... I think it's a pretty fun aspect of the game. So how can I accomplish while still abiding to the Summoner's Code? 4. How do you guys stray from being toxic? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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