On the verge of quittng because of how toxic this playerbase is.

Every game. Literally. EVERY game. Theres that one person who dies, and then starts flaming his team, and then another person gets tilted and starts flaming back, and then my entire team is collapsing on eachother and nobody is playing the game anymore because they're all typing at eachother. And in like 40% of my games someone will actively start trolling because of how much everyone is flaming them/they're flaming others. It ranges anywhere from abandoning them in a fight to following them around the entire game and stealing whatever farm from them that they can. And guess what? They wont be punished, because they arent telling their teammates to go kill themselves, or running down mid with mobis so Riot doesnt care. And i just have to sit there and think to myself, "Wow, can i get one fucking game away from this shit?" Oh, and the pings. Oh, i love pings. 95% of the time (im not even exaggerating), pings will be used to flame your team. Someone died? MIA! MIA! MIA! MIA! MIA! Someone "stole" your kill? MIA! MIA! MIA! MIA! It happens so much that honestly when i see/hear an MIA ping, i automatically assume in my mind that someone isnt actually pinging an enemy is gone, but they're flaming a teammate or getting tilted at something. PEOPLE GIVE UP SO EASILY TOO! ONE DEATH AND THEY STOP TRYING! Its like, they die one time, and then they say "gg" "ff15" "afk" and procede to completely give up and stop trying to win the game. And the worst part is that once you get into the endgame, everyone is gonna put on their sad puppy-dog eyes and act like they got victimized by their team and beg the enemy team to report people. I actually just went through a match where i typed absolutely NOTHING all game (all i did was ping, i never felt a need to type during the game) and guess what i see in the endgame? The nocturne and renekton who i muted for flaming me after they got caught out in his jungle, said to the enemy team, "report ori toxic af" (i was orianna.) I know that i said the last one was the "worst part", but you know what the actual worst part is? Everyone starts ganging up on one person. And then that one person tilts so fucking hard that they either afk or give up, resulting in a 1/16 kda and them saying "gg" after every death and spamming the surrender vote. The community of this game is so fucking disgusting. You guys should be ashamed. I've installed 3 different games over the course of the last month and have started picking up older games that i used to play. Seriously going to quit this game if this shit doesnt stop.
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