Don't Say The Word "Co-on" In League of Legends Either

I was playing the raccoon twitch skin and referred to myself as "The Co-on" from the South Park Game with no intent of it being racial at all. In the context I used it, I was clearly only referring to a raccoon * my character*. I was honestly having a blast talking like Cartman from South Park to my friends and everyone was laughing. I have lived in Louisiana all of my life and have never heard that term being used in a racial way at all. I even have a African-American step-father and he refers to raccoons in the short version. I am not using this as an excuse, just giving my point of view. After watching some videos my friends sent me, I see that a Twitch streamer was punished for using the term while referring to a player who looked like a raccoon and he also had no ill intent. This honestly scares me because context is not being considered. I have such mixed emotions right now because I just had one of the best games of League of Legends of my life * I was honestly dying laughing because I was just running around pretending to be a superhero while referencing a funny character* and that might be my last game of League. I hope that the enemy team also did not get in trouble because they refereed to me as "The Co-on" as well, in a friendly manner. **In short, Make sure not to say the term co-on in ANY game, no matter the context because it is racist to some people. i had no idea of this.** I sent a support ticket asking to have a second chance but will not likely get one because I was honor level 0, 2/3 and was permanently banned. I am hoping that my years of never saying ANY racial slurs in league can show that I have never attacked anyone of their race before and will never do it. (PS, my heart is crying, I don't have any Smurfs and have been playing since season 3, I hope this is not the end for me) Game 1 In-Game wizardhunter: IM A COON - I realize the twitch skin is a Raccoon wizardhunter: Fear The COON - I start talking as "The Coon" w/o knowing that it had any other meaning besides raccoon wizardhunter: FEAR THE COON wizardhunter: THE COON COULD BE ANYWHERE wizardhunter: HOLD UR UTTERS CLOSE COW wizardhunter: THE COON IS GONNA GET A SUCK - I apologize for verbally assaulting a cow wizardhunter: THE COON IS COMING wizardhunter: THE COON IS ALWAYS WATCHING wizardhunter: THE COON ALWAYS GETS REVENGE wizardhunter: ARE YOU ASKING THE COON? wizardhunter: THE COON AND BIRD BOY WILL DOMINATE wizardhunter: THE COON AnD FRIENDS WIN AGAIN - Even referring to the show/game wizardhunter: POPPY HOW ARE THOSE TOOTHPICKS? - Poppy killed Camille wizardhunter: THE COON IS ALWAYS WATCHING wizardhunter: THE COON WILL RISE AGAIN - I was behind was referencing the dark knight rises wizardhunter: The coon.. cough.. is too weak - My friend on discord told me someone on twitch got banned for saying coon so I stopped typing it Post-Game wizardhunter: gg was fun wizardhunter: I hope riot doesn't ban me :( - I say this because I was level honor 0 2/3 and was not trying to be racial or toxic. Here are ALL of my chat logs. I believe halfway through the game I stopped acting like "The Coon" because my friend in discord was like "You better stop, you could get banned". The Alistar on the enemy team refereed to me as "The Coon" a swell and I hope he did not get punished. No one that was actually in the game on my team told me about "The Coon" being a racial slur. I was just trying to get the people on my team to laugh.
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