What changed in the past 7 days?

I was pretty excited that this season my matches had been pretty tilt-free. Yes, the occasional toxic person was popped up but it was about 1 every 10 games, if that, and usually wasn't that bad. I only had time for one game Wednesday, and no time Thursday, so Friday was my first day of League on this patch cycle. Every. Single. Individual. Game. That I have played since has been absolutely destroyed by toxic people. I don't know where they all came from. My games went from rarely toxic and divisive to rarely peaceful. I played 10 games on Friday. 9 of which had at least one and on several occasions two people run it down a lane. I don't mean that they did poorly, I mean they told me to kill myself, and then ran under the enemy turret upwards of 10 times in a row. The word R%%%%% now makes an appearance at least four times in every game that I play. I have been told to kill myself at least once every other game. The use of racial epitaphs is now really common. Was there a patch to the matchmaking system or honor system that I didn't hear about? Did a bunch of accounts just get restored? Am I the only person that's experiencing this sudden shift?

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