how is this possible?

ok riot so this is the chat got me 2week banned, im very confused during the game i was forced to go support when i called my role, i keeped it cool and went support, and the mid laner syndra tell me kill me self which what she said kys, i was confused and ask her what is kys then i looked up online it means kill your self, that is very powerful word should not be used in general, u can pull up the game chat please do. and on top of that tris our adc ask me if i were black, because my name as u can see im asian and my name is billy, i first said i refuse to answer that question, but then i smell something funny i ask him why u ask that, he said because ur not asian, i said why? she said your black, because your stupied, and selfish. i was shocked for such of hateful speech ofcourse i reported both of them. heres the chat got me 14day suspension im very very confused why did i got banned. riot explain please this is next level frustration you guys are putting down to me what am i suppose to do in game, not talk? or how did i even got banned how? Game 1 AsianNameBilly: can i get some cs too AsianNameBilly: we can share AsianNameBilly: -.- shuuold of AsianNameBilly: shet AsianNameBilly: i just want win and get the free exp AsianNameBilly: is dravenfree this week AsianNameBilly: tris AsianNameBilly: can u auto AsianNameBilly: LMFAO AsianNameBilly: this trois AsianNameBilly: tris AsianNameBilly: sir AsianNameBilly: u AsianNameBilly: are AsianNameBilly: unreal AsianNameBilly: this tris doesnt know how to auto AsianNameBilly: at all AsianNameBilly: this tris is unreal AsianNameBilly: if she auto attack them onces AsianNameBilly: bot is 10-0 AsianNameBilly: im roaming AsianNameBilly: sydnra AsianNameBilly: dw AsianNameBilly: we can share some cs AsianNameBilly: what is kys? AsianNameBilly: can u show me AsianNameBilly: what is kys AsianNameBilly: int? AsianNameBilly: i refuse to answer that question AsianNameBilly: why is that AsianNameBilly: are u trying to say black is stupeid? AsianNameBilly: intresting AsianNameBilly: is every ryze AsianNameBilly: me vlad 2v5 i strongly request you pull out the whole game chat this auto ban system is unacceptable.
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