Im sorry for my behavior

Im sorry Riot
After a single 2 week ban i have recieved a perma ban. My case is under review, but despite if the correct process was followed I'm still sorry for the actions that got me here. Here is a memorial to my 5 years of league of legends, RIP Sona Cant Mid.
I have played league for 5 years, since a few days before Braum's release. I had engaged in an arguement with an enemy in normals looking for someone to bite her bait of antoginistic behavior. I went overboard in my responses, mainly that there was way too much of it and lots of increasing anger becoming apparent as the conversation went on. This is my video to Riot who are reviewing if the proper process was followed and if i truly should deserve a second chance; i am posting it here for everyone to see as well. The video is more of memorial than an apology overall, but im not the greatest or most talented at making videos so this is what i came up with. The point of posting it here is to make my apology public, and make it not only to Riot but the players that i affected in the game, and the community for being part of the problem. UPDATE: For anyone who was curious about the outcome here it is. I am extremely happy with this decsion and very grateful for a last chance. Thanks to everyone who read this, once again I'm sorry for the previous behavior, and i promise if you see me in game you wont have a bad experience from me!

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