This game has become a meme; a joke

So I got banned for this.... Game 1 In-Game Rôwdy: lol moneky Rôwdy: terrible Rôwdy: fucking terrible Rôwdy: should aback Rôwdy: backed Rôwdy: you pinged me back for no reason Rôwdy: didint do shit Rôwdy: muted Rôwdy: what garbage Rôwdy: dont come mid Rôwdy: fucking free kill Rôwdy: MONKEY HELP THEM Rôwdy: WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU Rôwdy: im prolly going to feed now Rôwdy: pretty tilted Rôwdy: becuase I was backing, monkey pinged me to stay for gank, fucked it up, got me killed, and now im feding Rôwdy: so is our jg Rôwdy: report brand Rôwdy: wtf id our jg doing Rôwdy: have you gnaked once? Rôwdy: even aisngle time have you ganked? Rôwdy: 12 minutes in Rôwdy: says the troll Rôwdy: WUKONG YOU HAVE TO GANK A LANE Rôwdy: said I was running it down for wu Rôwdy: why? Rôwdy: look at jg and brand Rôwdy: nice right Rôwdy: 1-5 brand without a support item lmoa Rôwdy: lmao Rôwdy: good thing is im not worth any money, so I can just psit them to death This game has become a joke; a meme. Keep protecting these worthless players from anything that MIGHT be 'offensive'. Absolute Joke. Loser ass SJW's. So if I say "What garbage", I must be talking about a person right? No. That's called personalization you fucking children. I can't refer to the job someone is doing as garbage right? Fucking children. Little fucking children. The reason this game is dying. Funny thing is all of us who have been playing for years thinks your company is shit. AND YOU KNOW THIS. So keep going. You're losing the culture battle anyway LMFAO. No one likes your weakness or protection of weakness. You literally have a language filter, but ban for language use LMFAO, FUCKING WEAK LITTLE CHILDREN. BETTER PROTECT THEM FROM OFFENSIVE SPEECH NOT LIKE LIFE HAS ANYTHING LIKE THAT EH.
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