Ranked rewards debate

Currently. Ranked rewards are partially tied to player behavior. Players with bans towards the end of season lose access to ranked rewards. Imo. Riot should recomsider their stance on this. As it only "hurts" towards the end of tge season. And imo is arbitrary and doesnt actually do anything Arguments for current system * It is a harsh lesson for negative players * it gives "meaning" to going unpunished Agruments against * 1 bad losing streak or escalated punishment is all it takes to lose your border * it teaches peoples "its okay to troll as long as it's after borders are handed out" and someone who gets 14 dayed earlybim the season isnt affected * some people would say skill based achievements shouldnt be tied to player behavior * It encourages bait trolls to try and get people banned late in the season. * Playerd who have lost their border have less incentive to reform. And may be pushed into becoming trolls * Borderless players may be unfairly prodded at by bait trolls
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