Got banned for flaming

Game 1 In-Game BobyTM: wtf BobyTM: %%% BobyTM: you guys are premade %%%s BobyTM: ocourse I am BobyTM: smd BobyTM: ward it ali? BobyTM: %%% lel BobyTM: dont know if wack is a insult but sure. BobyTM: ez BobyTM: ez BobyTM: OO BobyTM: EZ BobyTM: bruh BobyTM: u knocked away jarvan BobyTM: like 5 times BobyTM: lux ur gay BobyTM: LOL BobyTM: DELETED BobyTM: GG WP I had gotten permabanned for responding to premades on my team who were flaming me which reported me after the game. I am just wondering if I should get permamently banned for this.

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