Permently Banned.

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I Started a ranked game with my friend. and I bothered myself on our adc because he thought he was the best. Then i won the lane in the beginning of the game and after that i got ganked a couple of times and died and then our adc was flaming me and he said like ff 15 and you suck so much man why do u play this game. And i didnt really care if he was flaming i just played, but when he started to complain for 20 minutes then i got angry and very less. Stupid enough, i started to flame him because i was so tired of him and so I began to say things that I did not mean just because I was so tired of him and I regret it a lot. i wrote racist things to him that I do not really mean, I wrote it because I was angry. And i want my account back because i have spended a lot of money on League I would be grateful if you could contact me through my email <removed by moderation>
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