Isnt 14 days ban enough as a punishment?

To be honest i think thats not even a close to fair, my account is suspended for 14 days, i wont get any rewards, i miss the quests and bonus around, even tho everyone was flamign me and i was arguing back. What cant i get is like, u punish someone for 14 days, ok thats cool, u wont get key fragments and boxes for quite some time, ok that cool, u punish them that they miss the events, ok thats cool, but the person who got banned wont get any season rewards if he get banned after september? Like whats the point of not getting season rewards for 14 days ban? U should watch wats fair and whats not, cuz for me this sees pretty unfair to punish someone with no season rewards, i would get scammers or boosters, but normal peoples who was arguing back and talking to his friend in chat? Wow.. Im just surprised by ur attitude to players {{summoner:3}}
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