This is just not fair

Today l got 25 games chat ban for saying almost nothing bad(l will put chat log below). About 4-5 days ago l got 10 days chat ban for flaming and saying stuff like 'idiot'.And today for some reason l got 25 games chat ban. Game 2 In-Game Gothguy665: for? Gothguy665: ? Gothguy665: haha Gothguy665: good point Gothguy665: l he fails l will report Gothguy665: like anyone else Gothguy665: wf Gothguy665: soraka Gothguy665: wtf Gothguy665: play safe Gothguy665: no Gothguy665: l cant Gothguy665: on lvl 4 l cant oneshot her Gothguy665: ofc Gothguy665: she was not in my range Gothguy665: so its your problem Gothguy665: play safe Gothguy665: no Gothguy665: happy? Gothguy665: go b Gothguy665: not here Gothguy665: l need to farm Gothguy665: gank Gothguy665: pls Gothguy665: ty Gothguy665: gj Gothguy665: gank pls Gothguy665: gank pls Gothguy665: we lost bot Gothguy665: jungler Gothguy665: hlep Gothguy665: help Gothguy665: gank pls Gothguy665: jungler Gothguy665: bad idea galio Gothguy665: ops not all chat Gothguy665: report kayn noob Gothguy665: pls Gothguy665: Ok if you report kayn Gothguy665: kayn feeding Gothguy665: x9 Gothguy665: that is perma ban Gothguy665: just so you mnow Gothguy665: kayn trolling and feeding in ranked game is perma ban instant just so oyu know Gothguy665: l will report him for everything cuz he is feeding Gothguy665: your problem Gothguy665: :P Gothguy665: you feed you get ban Gothguy665: simple Gothguy665: stay afk Gothguy665: pls Gothguy665: all rep kayn Gothguy665: stop feeding Gothguy665: pls Gothguy665: l hope you get perma instant Gothguy665: pls x9 kayn Gothguy665: kayn go f yourself Gothguy665: l hope l never see you again Gothguy665: thats too much Gothguy665: report kayn pls feeding Post-Game Gothguy665: instant ban Gothguy665: enjoy Gothguy665: x9 him pls Gothguy665: well you will no have this one Gothguy665: for sure Now to add some context to this.It was a ranked game and we had 1 kayn in the team. He started very badly, team was a bit rude to him and he started to feed saying stuff like 'you don't deserve to win' he rushed to the enemy to let them kill him at least 4-5 times and then stayed afk for about few min. Only bad thing l said is 'go f yourself' but l don't think that's enough for 25 games chat ban. That was my opinion if you disagree tell me why.
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