Perma ban dont know how please help

So. Got back on league logged on and what i see is: banned permanently or account is permanently banned i am confused and worried because i have then lost allot of money on that account then and cannot play any more games with friends or family. I feel like a friend has went onto my account to troll me and more. But what i found out is: apparently i was said 'cancer' multiple times and a bunch more after being able to know which friend apparently someone was telling him to slit his wrist and 'let the stream flow'multiple times getting more people to harass him to the point everyone reported him. I have been on different games and havnt played league in that time after a 14 day ban where i was very toxic and which i regret. I have been playing other games and now i feel like i am reformed but now i cannot prove that due to this permanent ban. Thanks for your time -T3studoR3x
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