I get the whole 14 day suspension thing sucks

Why do you ask and post in the forums if it was necessary and then have a biased poll set up where no one can disagree with you? Dudes I get it being suspended sucks, getting banned sucks, but you also gotta know that riot doesn't have to cater to you whether you spent money or not. Sometimes you have to look yourself in the mirror and try to look at other peoples perspective of why you were suspended. Did you intend to be toxic, maybe or maybe not, but did other people see it as toxic probably. Now I am not sure 100% of how banning works never did, but how are you sure it was the 'trolls' that reported you and not the people getting irritated that you would start arguing with the 'trolls'. Also remember that retaliation to someone being an ass is counted as toxic behavior since it promotes bad morale for the team since there are two people now instead of one being a hinderance to the team. and when it happens and you lash out on boards about quitting and blah blah blah, you may say you don't care what other people have to say but if that was the case you would have just quit, uninstalled or sent a riot support ticket to either appeal or find out why. Finally if you were suspended and such but don't wanna quit the game, don't lash out I promise you just make it worse for yourself, sometimes you gotta role with the punches. That is all See you out there on the Rift {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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