14 day ban out of nowhere?

Hello. I am confused as to why I have been banned. I was toxic at one point and I received a 10 game chat restriction. After that I had reformed, but I have a feeling I've been wrongfully banned for my last game I played. Let me just make something clear: I fed, hard. I went 1/10/4. It was absolutely not intentional. A basic rundown of the game is, I was in lane as vayne against a varus and a deadly early game sion... with blue buff. It was ugly the harass they were getting. They zoned me off of cs with the Sion Q. After a failed gank with lee and me dying later, the thresh sorta half-flamed, and proceeded to farm the enemy red side jg (we were blue side) then go mid and stay there as the Olaf begged him to leave and let him get xp. Of course being a vayne that's behind and alone, I couldn't farm and I got killed many times. The jungler lee and thresh continued to harass and harass me about my cs. I eventually muted but their harassment made me feel absolutely horrible. It was one of those games where you really just feel like walking away from the computer. One of those games where you feel like you'd be less of a burden if you just left. But, knowing I had previously typed "I Agree" into the chat for afking before, I decided to just tough it out. I was playing terribly, and my teammates treatment of me made it even worse. I reported both after the game, briefly plead my case to the rest of the players to support me, and left after we won due to a diamond nasus smurf carrying us. I can't imagine any other game where I would be reported, and no game that I deserve to be banned. Also, I saw on the boards, isn't it supposed to be 10 game chat restrict, 25 game chat restrict, then 14 day ban to perma ban? Why did I get a 14 day ban out of nowhere? I haven't received any form of email about why my account was suspended. It says "This account has been suspended until March 7, 2017. Please visit support.leagueoflegends.com for more information". Going to that address tells me nothing. Because of the huge punishment, I believe that I have been reported for and incorrectly convicted of intentionally feeding when in reality I just got trolled hard and had a bad game. Come on guys, help me out.
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