I got wrongfully banned, has this happened to anyone else??

So I went to log on to league last night to play tft, and I got met with a "You've been banned for using a third party software" message. Let me start by saying I've only been playing league for a few months, I've never been suspended for any amount of time, I never got a message that was like "Hey, stop that or we'll ban your account" or anything, and the closest I ever get to "flaming" in chat is saying "U Rite" when someone says I'm trash in SR (because I really am). I'm not ranked in SR, and never have been, and I'm silver I in tft. I can honestly say I'm definitely not technologically smart enough to figure out how to hack in LoL, so I have no clue why I was banned. My fiance also plays on the same laptop and his account hasn't been banned, so there's apparently nothing on my laptop that would set off the system. I submitted a ticket last night in hopes I'll get my account back, but it's honestly really bummed me out because my friends put money into my account and now it's gone for no reason :( TLDR: I basically have 3 questions 1. Has anyone else been wrongfully banned? 2. Did you get your account back if you were? 3. How long did it take for riot to take to respond to your ticket? Thanks for any advice in advance <3
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