AFK at 00:01

This guy afked my ranked game at 0:01, so we couldn't remake. At 11:00 he comes back after we opened and they were taking our nexus as we aren't going to play without an adc. The only one that wouldn't open is his support that kept telling us we could win, which was obviously bullshit. I looked them up after the game, and obviously they were a duo as it seems like every single person who has ever had shit internet is, so he defended him by calling us idiots for wanting to open. End of game rolls around and obviously the other team won't report him because that would mean they didn't earn their victory, which obviously they didn't, but I think it's really horse shit that these people should be able to get away with this. He fucked over our whole team, we all lost lp for it, and the other team had to waste their time running down mid for 8 min. I also think it's horse shit that people defend these people that ruin the game. I ALSO think it's horse shit that I have to come on here, wasting my own time, to fucking report him because for some fucking reason he isn't punished yet, and I think that isn't fair to me, my teammates, or the other team. I don't come to play League of Legends to waste 20 minutes of my precious time, to get afk'd on and be unable to remake. I could care less if his internet was bad. Every single person knows if they have bad internet. When I was in Florida for a business trip, I didn't rank in the hotel because I didn't trust their internet and I didn't want to fuck over 9 other people. I don't see how this is any different except he made the wrong choice and we all paid for it.
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