Chat restriction - Opinions about my case and the guide lines

Recently I was banned, 10 game chat restriction. After being told the reasons I was banned I instantly was confused by the banning systems methods of whats considered "Toxic" or not. Currently "... both initiating and retaliating with negative chat both break our behavioral guidelines. This means that negative behavior is unacceptable regardless of the circumstances or who started it." seems to be the guideline according to Riot RedEdge. But what I want to know is, does it have to be that way? I'll let you guys use my case as example and you decide, Here is my full chat log from the only game that decided my chat restriction: Here are some chat logs from games where you were heavily reported: Game 2874727276: Exalted Goblin: ? Exalted Goblin: how ? Exalted Goblin: mix it with %%%e Exalted Goblin: phage (1) Exalted Goblin: How am I trolling ?!? (2) Exalted Goblin: I think Im gonna go bc this game Exalted Goblin: might be smarter Exalted Goblin: how did he jump on me... Exalted Goblin: ghost for a reason bois ghost for a reason (3) [All]Exalted Goblin: after flashing like that jhin [All]Exalted Goblin: idk [All]Exalted Goblin: /all (4) [All]Exalted Goblin: idk jhin you should know your damage [All]Exalted Goblin: if yorue that good Exalted Goblin: gj bro (5) [All]Exalted Goblin: forgets nocs a thing [All]Exalted Goblin: sit near opening [All]Exalted Goblin: gj jhin [All]Exalted Goblin: but please keep complaining how its karma and aatrox [All]Exalted Goblin: im not trying to tilt you (6) [All]Exalted Goblin: you sound dumb thinking youre any better (7) [All]Exalted Goblin: no becuase I know I can carry (8) [All]Exalted Goblin: so dont pick a non mobile adc Exalted Goblin: rip get bnot [All]Exalted Goblin: so why are you complaning about the fizz if its nto yoru job [All]Exalted Goblin: youre looking for any reason for it not to be your fualt Exalted Goblin: dont saty Exalted Goblin: back Exalted Goblin: reset [All]Exalted Goblin: theya rnt troolling (9) [All]Exalted Goblin: aatrox got out matched (10) [All]Exalted Goblin: shut up jax before I rbing you up running towars top when I had ghost [All]Exalted Goblin: I never said IM good [All]Exalted Goblin: I jsut saying I out matched your top lane [All]Exalted Goblin: jsut becuase someones bad doesnt mean they are trolling (11) [All]Exalted Goblin: idiot [All]Exalted Goblin: im not at all youre claming these false claims (12) [All]Exalted Goblin: and yorue hard stuck silver 2 [All]Exalted Goblin: no ? (13) [All]Exalted Goblin: and reported lol [All]Exalted Goblin: I always get interns and affk (14) [All]Exalted Goblin: what do I care I play more after tha tgmae [All]Exalted Goblin: now you have nothing left to argue but my poor typing skills xdeee [All]Exalted Goblin: LOL [All]Exalted Goblin: now youre toxic lol (15)[All]Exalted Goblin: U ARE SUCK NOW Post-Game Exalted Goblin: LOL Exalted Goblin: yeah but once again skill isnt reportable Exalted Goblin: it might be feeding in your eyes but its not in theirs Exalted Goblin: :U So excuse my poor typing skills as I can't type at all when I'm in the middle of a match but I marked certain parts of the chat with numbers next to some of the "sentences" to give you some context since i don't have access to the full game chat log. 1. At the start of the match My team asked if I was trolling picking ghost (this isn't important nothing came of it) 2. bc = Black cleaver 3. this is where the enemy jhin started insulting his team in all chat, I simply called out a mistake he made after calling out one of his teammates 4. Refering to Enemy Jhin's statement about his team should know how to play the game. 5. Once again blames team, pointing out a error he made near tower as our noc ulted him when he was alone. 6. He claimed to be better than his team mates but he wasn't doing anything significantly different then what his team was doing 7. If I remember correctly this was referring a statement enemy jhin made about me being better than his team, when at the time I had a huge lead knowing I currently was the one leading my team to victory with objective picks and kills and such. 8. He was complaining and frustrated with the fizz, so I offered advice why not to pick a non mobile adc into a mobile assassin. 9. I won lane due to alot of enemy aatrox mistakes 10. enemy Jax chimed in saying to report his team and how awful they were, I simply pointed out a moment where he wasn't so perfect. 11.(The idiot part I can't give context, it was a dumb move oops) 12. Just telling Jhin why he has these teamates and why he is here. 13. because Jhin started actually being more toxic than me saying the word idiot. 14. Jhin - " I hope you get Inters and afks in all your games". what I was trying to say to him abck was I get inters and afkers in every other game. It doesn't bother me I take the L, I move on, and play more games after that. 15. This was me laughing and pointing out what the enemy aatrox exactly said " U ARE SUCK NOW" as its a poorly written in English and very funny to me. In fact my team's fizz also typed it out. Any way back to my question, Just how bad is this "Toxicity"? At the end of the day I was simply combating a toxic enemy player in chat bashing his team mates and simply trying to stick up for them. I get slapped with a restriction because I called someone an idiot and retaliated. What are you opinions on this I want to know?
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