Riot stuff required.. Or not

Well, i got banned recently for saying kys in a game. Playing this game since start, on acc which i got banned ( 14 days ) it was my first ban. Acc was created in season 3 and it was my main. This morning i was just playing on low lvl acc as adc. Lux which is support, takes my farm, spam pings me and says kys. I didnt joined conversation i tried to be non toxic. Lux and her premade rengar takes all my farm wherever i go, so ofc i end up doing bad. We still win this game. Btw its obvious that lux is also a higher tier player, match history on this guy acc almost every game over 20 kills with low deaths. This guy doesnt get banned and proceeds to play more games. When i got banned it was just after i finished my game, with reasons stating my 1 game toxicity. In game that i got banned (on my main) i didnt int no one, i tried my best to win that game. Apart from having chat discussion i wasnt following people around making sure they cant play, intentionally stealing their farm and intentionally making game unplayable for people. Yet i got banned, this guy doesnt. After playing this game for so long, dedicating so much time, not being toxic at all which riot can check, my acc has 1 ban in over 5 years of play on it, i get less rights than lvl 11 lux inter on my bot lane. Why are you watching videos when u can be playing league of legends instead? Ofc u are loosing players. <removed by moderation> Perma ban me, i dont give a shit. Its time to move on.

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