Whole NB3 situation made me stop playing until issue is addressed

I main AP Cho top lane. I have over 80% win rate but I still get reported every game we lose. I do not feed or go afk but my team gets pissed that I am not going with the meta (full tank). I always assumed riot will not follow on with bans because as they said, not following the meta is not bannable. Following NB3 and having insider employees banning players leaves a bad taste. I have been playing league for 4 years, never been banned before, but following these events, it looks like we are forced to follow the meta or even worse, dare to say no to a streamer otherwise he would ban our account. This is not acceptable. I am taking a break from league until this issue is addressed! I call out for every player that plays off meta champs to voice their opinion and show riot that we will act if they won't stop this corruption.

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