Riot's Ban system

So i just came out of a platinum 1 game with a 44-42 score. The game started out extremely well with all lanes winning and a lead of 21-2 by the 15 minute mark. This is when the enemy team decided to start baron. My nidalee tried to steal it but pulled a very poor smite and died early. Our vayne decided it was a good idea to point out that nidalee had "over 1k games played" The two argued from the 20 minute mark all the way to the 35 minute mark going as far as to sit in base and type nonstop. I acted in the most positive way i could telling the team we needed to group and type less. They just wouldn't listen. by the 30 minute mark the enemy team had another baron and vayne quite literally ran into the enemy base during a teamfight and danced in front of a 10 health nexus without ending the game. The enemy team won the teamfight and pushed into our base, ending the game. A few weeks ago i met a very annoying veigar who would come to bot lane, w q the wave and then leave. As i was very aggravated i told him to "kys" simply because i had reached the limit to my frustration being 1/5, pushed in 24/7, dove under turret, and then 70 cs behind the enemy laner. I get a 14 day ban after that game and also find out that because i was banned after 8/2/2017, i won't be receiving my border or victorious skin. My point? The fact that people like the vayne and nidalee can pull something as preposterous as that and not be penalized for is just ridiculous while 1 comment that holds very little meaning behind it can be punished so severely. Some may think that i must be a consistently toxic player to be given a 14 day ban. The last chat restriction i received from riot was during season 5. I don't really know what to say at this point. I just really hope riot thinks before they do something.
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