My friends found a scripter in a ranked game who was boosting a silver account

As the title says. My friends were playing a ranked game when they found a quinn who was scripting dodging all skillshots and told me about it. We decided to check some of her replays and without a doubt we found that she was indeed using scripts. I decided to add her (since I wasn't in the game with them) in order to see if I could gather some information. Dumb enough he accepted my friend request... When I talked about the issue he responded me: He even told me that he was just a booster and that he didn't care because it wasn't his account and that he would never get caught. He did in fact link me an URL with some sort of payment (I think he doesn't give a damn about it since he already got payed?) He finished the conversation with the link for the payment and telling me something like 'I don't care... its his fault for this happening on his account' or something like that (he de-friended me right after so I got no prints from that) To prove that he was in fact a booster here's some of the of the account Well probably he will lose the account after we send a ticked to Riot explaning the situation. Why would someone with a 5 year account decide to pay for boosting? I just don't get it. He has played for 5 years and he still got stuck in silver elo. Was he expecting to maintain his rank for half a year and not dropping divisions? I mean even if the dude only plays normals having to play vs high rank people would definitely remove the fun from him (even more since he got such a high jump that he would probably end with diamond mmr playing against diamonds in normals) because he would feed in almost every single game. To top this he didnt have the silver border while in loading screens which means he mostly got penalized last season, screwing him even more. Just something I wanted to write here in the boards... Thx for reading and good luck in the battle fields Edit 1: I just saw that in the 3rd image it says NA (this account was an EUW one so I don't think that payment corresponds to this account) Edit 2: I censored what I said in the 2nd image because it could confuse people (I don't mind telling what was in there if someone really wants to)
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