Shady practices and unreasonnable penalties

When players refuse to help, even 2 feets away, keep griefing, blaming, insulting if you dare saying anything you are suddenly the one toxic. I really feel how Riot handle this reports is clearly off the tracks. So THAT deserve 25 games chat restriction ? I call shananigans. Riot trap is simple, make people invest in the game with skins and stuff, and then find any way to ban theses accounts with ridiculous penalties to players subject to their incompetent matchmaking system. This matchmaking system is a joke, especially ranked. Riot keep enabling smurfs and troll by letting people play ranked with 0 exp champs (which serves only trolls and smurfs). Whatever how much your team grief you, deny you, help enemy to kill you, laugh in your face, if you dare saying ANYTHING you get the penalty. I accuse you riot of creating this mad house intentionnaly, so we eventually get triggered and get banned so you can suck up our money. I consider complaining to the Better Business Bureau this is shady practices. Before getting that mad i complain dozens of times about players you guys so absolutly nothing, I barely ever recevoied 1-32 notifications that my report been taken seriously. Game 2 In-Game AxxellStarr: watch for invades AxxellStarr: rdty? AxxellStarr: trist AxxellStarr: ganked* AxxellStarr: too soon AxxellStarr: lets ba patient time is on our side AxxellStarr: focus on feeding yourself nice cs AxxellStarr: until i get ult and serated dirk AxxellStarr: omfg AxxellStarr: DUDE AxxellStarr: WHAT WRONG WITH U AxxellStarr: dotn suicide AxxellStarr: lol incompetent and tosxic AxxellStarr: muted and demoted support AxxellStarr: you dont deserve your cs AxxellStarr: yi AxxellStarr: 4th gank from ww AxxellStarr: wow wtf no ? AxxellStarr: wtf is wrong AxxellStarr: goi hlkep the lane that dont need help AxxellStarr: but ingoerthe onae that do AxxellStarr: report yi AxxellStarr: what wrong with all you toxic fuckers ? AxxellStarr: jesus fuckign crhist AxxellStarr: im just report ing you for inting and toxic yi. miserable human being AxxellStarr: since nothing matter im going top AxxellStarr: troll time AxxellStarr: fuck you all; AxxellStarr: on no its not iver AxxellStarr: lets make sure this misery perdure AxxellStarr: you guys donyt deserve a quick way out of this shit AxxellStarr: put your fuckign nose deep in it AxxellStarr: and breathe AxxellStarr: rgeat reactions AxxellStarr: gj Post-Game AxxellStarr: why do you toxic incompetent muppet play ranked ? AxxellStarr: gj for the ganks yi AxxellStarr: we are all stupid but you are great Game 3 Pre-Game AxxellStarr: gl hf In-Game AxxellStarr: i get zerro money AxxellStarr: botmia AxxellStarr: im the one with the lowest hp of all champs AxxellStarr: yes AxxellStarr: sick AxxellStarr: first back AxxellStarr: gj AxxellStarr: muppets AxxellStarr: i gavce it all AxxellStarr: you guys sucks AxxellStarr: reported for what AxxellStarr: REPORTED FOR WHAT? AxxellStarr: POS AxxellStarr: report yourself fucktard AxxellStarr: ignore game AxxellStarr: even 32 feet away AxxellStarr: oh now im toxic AxxellStarr: baby AxxellStarr: miserable attitude AxxellStarr: go collect your welfare Post-Game AxxellStarr: You have issues rengy

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