The community suddenly lost all credibility for me (Riot Socrates on Tyler1)

Getting upvotes or downvotes suddenly lost any meaning whatsoever. The popular comments I have seen on the Riot Socrates thread that get nothing but support are more than questionable. And I wonder what part of the community this thread attracts to make it seem like the Tyler defenders speak common sense. In my opinion we have gone too far if a Master player can behave so badly that it almost seems autistic to any non-toxic person and then even get popular on Twitch solely for his behavior. The reaction to this thread have been more than counter-intuitive for me. You can literally go out and catch the worst offender of the summoner's code and finally tell people: "We don't want this kind of behavior to persist in our game and while we are not perfect we do recognize there are jerks and we are willing to pursue the correct measures for these players" (not the exact quote). And what will the reaction be from a community that can't shut up about the feeders, trolls and ragers in their games not being pursued in the tribunal system? 1. They will defend their newly popular twitch star. 2. They will downvote the hell out of Riot Socrates. 3. They will tell other people to stop being a pussy about someone telling them to kill themselves. 4. They will moan about how unfair this situation is. 2000 downvotes for a post announcing that the worst offender of the summoner's code that had not two, not three, but **NINETEEN** opportunities to reform after already going through the hardest penalty the system has to offer which is the perma-ban. One perma-ban alone is a pretty harsh penalty. Very few of us have had their account permanently banned. You have to fuck up pretty hard to even get to a single perma-ban. Please tell me: How can you possibly defend a player and marginalize what he has done if he topped them all? Oh, I know. You can't. Because, instead of delivering some useful information that could be valuable in a discussion about whether Tyler1 should be super perma-banned or not you say shit like: "Oh, Kaceytron and Nicktron and all those booby streamers I don't even know the name of, they still wander around freely and don't have their accounts perma-banned. This is so unfair to Tyler and a real injustice. Way to go Riot. Ruin the game even more for all of us. I wish I was back in Season 3 were I could tell people I would bath in the blood of their lifeless bodies after stabbing them 32 times and that wasn't considered toxic. Damn those were the days, man. You all need to grow some balls. But instead, toxic people get banned. Meanwhile the trolls still get away." Dear tyler_fanboy_111, yes, ragers are worse than trolls and afk's because it feels pretty terrible to be judged over the internet by someone that probably has 0 responsibilities in real life and will likely be yelled at by his mother when she finds out what outrageous words her son knows. All I learn from having afk's is that I can rage all I want, nobody will listen or care because the offender is not there anymore. So, the only thing I get from this is not to take the game too seriously before I embarrass myself in front of 8 other players by raging and insulting over a videogame. But what do ragers do that is specifically toxic? They are _toxic_. Susceptible players will adapt the toxic behavior once they have seen enough of your shit because after all the raging they have been through, they will seek for some personal justice and start raging at other innocent players. Or, in another scenario, susceptible players will learn that it is ok to flame your teammates if they play badly. But did you see what your defense for Tyler looked like? You just named other people that did kind of similarly bad stuff and say "well, nobody cares about them, right?". Yes, we do care about them but this is another story. They are assholes too but they are assholes for different reasons. And what Tyler did is inexcusable and you are just proving the point by distracting from the actual issue. Why do you do that? Because Tyler1's case is no grey zone. He is way beyond toxic and at this point you can't even defend him anymore. There are no arguments to be said that could possibly put Tyler in a better light. If there is anything we can learn from this incident it is not only that Riot actually cares about cleaning the Rift from the absolute worst kind of players, it is also a preventive mechanism to keep the players from having such a terrible personality as a role model for the wrong reasons. I usually wouldn't approve this kind of paternalism but if the players aren't capable of differentiating productive and counterproductive behavior in any society, someone has to do it for them. Even if it is a gigantic videogame company. _rant over_ edit: formatting looks screwed at some points. I know it's just typeface things but I don't want to mess it up even more. Sorry.
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