Account Perma Banned, No reasons Given, Support Ticket Failure

Hello there League of Legends People! Let me preface this post by saying While no reason was given for a perma ban on my account, i have a fairly good hunch as to why the account was banned. If my hunch is right, i would still like to appeal the perma ban on the account, and i'll get in to the whys on all of this right now, so grab your popcorn and enjoy my story! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Early February of 2017 i woke up one morning to find that my account had been hacked, and moved to EUW, and that over 100 dollars had been charged to my credit card linked with that account. Over the course of a few days riot support did a great job of getting my account back and the charged taken care of. I changed all of my passwords, deep scanned my computer for any mal-ware with multiple tools, and started using phone verification for logins on as many places as possible. During the process they had asked if i shared my account with anybody and i had admitted that around 2 to two and a half years ago i shared it with my room mate at the time to let him play a few champions that weren't on the free rotation. Now, i surely cant prove that he did or did not sell my account. It's possible, but not likely. Maybe between myself and him and all the pr0n on the internet one of us had a virus that had a key logger. I'll probs never know. I do know that my LoL password was the same as a few others, but no other accounts were touched (not LoL accounts but rather emails and bank accounts etc,.) This is probably where the {{summoner:11}} fell down hard if im guessing correctly. Nothing was said about banning the account a month ago, and i logged back in to play happily. Flash forward to around 5 days ago i wake up to find out that my account has been perma banned, (2100 date) and im told to check my email for reasons. I check the email, and its a generic say nothing email, no details, just a confirmation of the ban and duration. AT this point i send in a support ticket just to figure out whats going on, why, how, and to possibly appeal the perma ban itself. The representative got so far as aking me to verify my account, and then two days of silence. so i send a reply to touch base and see whats going on. one day later i get an automated email asking how they did in resolving my issue! .......i think i fell thru the crack there kappa. Those usually dont get sent out until after an issue has been resolved, but on my end they didnt even confirm that they confirmed that it was me (confirmception?) Now we are at today. Finally, god, sorry for talking. blah blah. If the account was NOT banned for sharing, then i would like to know what on earth is going on. I'll let Riot remote access this machine with their best IT guy if i got flagged for scripted, because holey moley i haven't done any of that nonsense. Legit bronze life for 99% of my time in league, i gget silver at the end of season for that sweet not bronze border. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} I will say, account sharing is against the rules, and i broke those rules. I deserve to have some punishment against me. I wont argue that. "But random QQ'ing summoner, why make this post and complain if you think you should be punished?" you may ask. GREAT QUESTION Lets take a look at my account history, these are all as far as i can recall, my memory may be fuzzy, but im pretty sure im right on these, if im not, RIOT LORDS CORRECT ME Never been banned before Never had a chat restriction Never Elo Boosted Never Scripted Usually a permaban is for repeat offenders (they can escalate 3 day - 14 day - month long bans). This perma ban came quite out of the blue and i suspect may have been automated. Perma Bans may also be used frequently for offenses such as boosting and scripting, two things that can vaslty affect player experiences for a multitude of players who arent the ones boosting or scripting. Putting sharing an account in the same group punishment wise as those other two offenses seems a bit out of place. It's almost akin to building a deck for a home using only a sledgehammer. Sure, i guess it can work and get the job done but, it's really not quite the right fit. In the same line of thought, if a rioter looks at this and agrees, hell, i'll even take a 30 day ban and not complain, i'll even thank you and draw you some sweet splash art MS Paint Goodness. You wont even have to pay me 5-20 rp for it, it'll be so gewd. You just tell me what you want painted by this master skillzman. *winkyface* I'm aware asteriks don't make emoticons...... *doublewinkyface* {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} Also, i never did my super official by the books traditional "OH EM GEE I WON 1000 GIMZ COME PLAY WITH ME RITO". I could totally trade THAT for some brownie points right? Let me tell you, any rioter should be GLAD they dont have to play a game with me in bronzelo. Its like taking a paiod vacation to not have to play with me. It's a good deal, i promise, maybe i'll even throw in gummie bears. Yeah, just uh, send me a PO box and ill ship you guys come factory sealed gummy berz. or worms, or octopus, whatever i can find. YOU GUYS LIKE SOUR ONES? (DEVOUR THE CHILDREN) I've played League for a long time. I dont even know the date i made my account. I think it was Late season 2 or maybe early to mid season 3. I own every champion and almost every relevent rune/page in the game. This game has been a huge hobby for me over the years and if i lose this account i would have to stop playing all together. Sure, i have a few pre level 30 alt accounts here and there, but the time and effort it would take to even get half the champions i want unlocked again... it simply wouldn't be worth the effort. It would take years. So, im summary, what im asking is that riot looks at my clean history of play, looks at the punishment, and has a little sympathy mixed with logical reasoning. Don't be the guy who uses a sledgehammer to build a deck. Best Regards Leondol {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}} ...sorry Jhin
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